Corporate Program - Limitless Fitness


We have several programs designed to achieve three key objectives:

  • Increase employee compliance with healthy activities
  • Increase engagement and retention
  • Decrease health risk factors.

Most importantly, we do this in partnership with your HR (or health broker) teams! We are here to serve you so we make it easy for you, by delivering exceptional service and support when it comes to metrics, roll out support, tracking, and planning. We are truly your one stop shop when it comes to getting and keeping your employees healthy.

Some of our programs include:

Bootcamp at work

Why go to the gym when the gym can come to you? Multi-certified instructors come to your site to lead employees in functional fitness classes accessible for every level of fitness. For more info click here:

Lunch and Learn

We’ll come out to train your teams on exercise basics, workouts for when you’re traveling, meal prep made easy, or any other health or fitness related topic

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Fitness Challenges

Make fitness fun with company competitions. We can do this all, or work with your HR team to develop fun fitness challenges or train your team for big events like hikes or other major challenges.

In addition, we are pleased to work with corporations to make our services accessible to their employees. Some of our programs include:

  • Fitness classes
  • Personal Training
  • Online fitness  training
  • Weight loss coaching

We’d love to partner with you! Click here to set up a consultation, or call 425.686.4482