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Best Bootcamp for 2017


  • Megan WTony is hands down the most fun, most challenging, most motivational trainer I have ever met and have the privilege of training with. Just when you think you can't go or do anymore, he pulls 3 more reps and 2 more laps out of you. You will thank him and yourself for showing up every morning. Tony ROCKS!!

    Megan W
  • CarrieI have utilized Tony's workouts and meal plans as a 'virtual client' for years. He will tell you this is because I am the worst trainee he's ever had (I tend to argue and ask why) and I will tell you it's because my schedule just doesn't allow me to get to the gym consistently. Earlier in my life, working out was all about how I looked and I considered it pretty much a weight management tool. This all changed when I became pregnant with our daughter Grace when I was 38. I was told I wouldn't be able to conceive and then in my first visit I was told I had a huge fibroid and was at a very high risk for a miscarriage. During this pregnancy, after consulting with a doctor, I exercised appropriate to my condition up until labor and Grace was born very healthy (and 10 days late). My recovery was incredibly fast. I was convinced that it was my very high level of fitness that allowed for such a complication-free pregnancy and recovery. Fast forward two years later and I was pregnant again. This time with TWINS. Again, I followed a very strict fitness routine and carried my twins to 37 weeks 5 days and Aiden and Benjamin came home with me after 2 days (7 lbs 2 0z and 6 lbs 15 oz). As you can see in the pictures, my body stretched beyond the limits of what I thought was possible! This time I wasn't sure I would ever recover but at this point it's been 4 months and I am 7 pounds away from pre baby weight. This is all due to faithfully making time for the workouts and following Tony's meal plans. Honestly, with a 2 1/2 year old and two newborns, there is no way I would be able to go to a gym every day no matter what. The beauty of virtual workouts is you get the workouts emailed to you (or handed to you in my case) and you fit them in whenever works. For me, it's right after the babies' first morning feed and before Grace wakes up. And because it's customized, Tony starts where you are and makes it harder as you get better. This is the perfect solution for me and I bet for many others like me. - Carrie

  • JenniferLosing weight/ getting in shape has never been easy for me. Luckily for me, I have the best virtual personal trainer for a father-in-law Tony Maldonado. My weight loss journey: As you can see I gained 40 bls (and swelled like a pufferfish up due to the preeclampsia) by the time I delivered at 33 weeks. After I delivered, I dropped 20 bls naturally but as you can see in the camping picture where I was 3 months postpartum, the rest was sitting in ALL the wrong places! I called Tony and he came to the rescue with full meal plans and work outs that were tailored to my capability at the time. The results you see are after 60 days, which I have maintained through today thanks to Tony CHANGING MY METABOLISM AND MAKING IT WORK FOR ME, NOT AGAINST ME. If I can do it, so can you!! Tony owns a gym in WA but does virtual training as well. Contact him and commit for 30 days. I promise you, you will be posting before and after pictures too.

  • PaulWell...Here I am fast approaching 50 later this year, when my partner suggested we get fit and eat more responsibly. That, coupled with my doctor scaring me saying I may have to go on medication for diabetes, made it a no-brainer of a decision. Faced with this daunting task. having not really exercised since 2007 after having surgery for a knee injury, I wasn't sure what to think. She told me about Limitless Fitness and their Virtual Training program. After we had signed up we received our workout program and meal schedule. The meals are good and you are eating real food (not some diet plan that you are never going to stick with when you hit your goal weight)! The training is good , hard...very hard.... no, very very hard!!!! But the results are amazing!! I have lost inches and close to twenty pounds in only 7 weeks. When you have been working hard, it is so helpful to get a text message asking you how you have done - the encouragement is awesome and when you struggle with a particular exercise, Tony sends you a modification. After 7 weeks I am feeling great and I am very thankful for this program. An unexpected but welcome by-product is that I have not been able to kneel on my left knee without pain since my operation, but this last week I was kneeling down (notthinking about it) when I realized, "hey this isn't hurting!" In this short time, the musclessupporting my knee have strengthened, and my flexibility has increased to the point that I can again do normal thingsThank you to Limitless Fitness, Tony and Carrie, for this great program! (Although I will say I do curse their name some days when I am aching lol!) - Paul

  • Don W"Every time I come to trainings, Tony is always ready and energetic to get down to business.  His sessions are very well prepared and force me to keep up my heart rate to a desired level.  While we are training, he is also informing me of the specific body parts that are being used so I can understand the rational for doing these exercises.  This helps me when I am working out by myself because I can then evaluate my personal workout with the knowledge that Anthony has given me in previous lessons.  My workouts have benefited from the differentiated routines and upbeat attitude of Tony."

    Don W
  • AmyHaving lost weight and gained it (and more) back repeatedly over the years, I found myself at the heaviest I had ever been. I was feeling incredibly desperate. I am extremely busy between a full time real estate career and a six year old, so I really wanted something I could tailor to my own schedule. When I found out about Limitless Fitness and their new virtual training program, I actually began to feel hopeful (and excited!) about fitness again. Tony worked with my partner and I to develop a nutrition plan custom made for our goals (and taste preferences). The amazing thing was that other than a few rough days getting sugar out of the system, I felt satisfied and had no cravings at all (not like all the other fad diets I've tried over the last few years). The custom workouts have been great. Yes, sometimes they are very challenging, but I am feeling so much stronger, and in only 7 weeks my body has changed a lot. I am able to do certain exercises today that I was completely unable to do just 7 weeks ago! Tony and Carrie are extremely motivating, and always available to answer questions or suggest modifications when needed. The videos are great as well - it's just like being in a class with Tony there demonstrating the movements. I actually find myself excited on Sundays to see what workouts are in store for the coming week. I highly recommend Limitless Fitness Virtual Training for anyone who wants to start enjoying the benefits of getting fit!

  • "After training with Tony for about 18 weeks, I can proudly say that I am in the best shape since college. I am more flexible, faster, stronger and leaner. The encouragement that I have received from Tony has made me want to work harder and achieve all my goals. I look forward to getting up at 4AM and working out with Tony every other day. I could not be any happier with the results I have seen in a short amount of time. I’ve had several trainers in the past but no one has challenged me / pushed me as hard as Tony. Thank you."

    Alberto A
  • Being handicapped from my bulging disc for the majority of 2011 is what made me want to get a personal trainer and change my lifestyle. I wanted to make sure that this would never happen again. I was too young(24)to already be having back problems. So I decided when I was well enough that I wanted to improve my overall quality of life. My main goal was to prevent this injury from ever happening again, but to also increase my strength, endurance, and flexibility. Tony's training consisted of utilizing anything and everything. Every session was something new and different. We would rarely repeat any of the same exercises. Constantly keeping my muscles confused as to what we were doing. I'd say it was a good mixture of strength and endurance training. The results I received while working out with Tony were great! Not only did I physically feel better(which was the overall main goal), but I physically looked better. Friends and family were astonished by how much my body had changed in such a short amount of time. I would recommend Tony to anyone who's looking to improve their overall quality of life and reach new personal fitness goals. He was constantly encouraging and made you excited to put your body through physical exhaustion. You're not just training your body when working out with Tony, you're training your mind too.

    Randy Z
  • Susie Quinteros"I first started seeing Tony in order to improve my overall fitness and to lose weight. I had started doing random workouts on my own but after a few months I became bored. When I met Tony his motivating personality and enthusiastic demeanor really helped me push myself to my limits. He was super flexible with his availability and would make it a point to work around my very hectic schedule. I am a full time working mom with a three year old and as well as a full time student. My time is super limited so Tony would meet with me as early as 4:30AM in order to accommodate my availability!  The sessions were never boring and I rarely did the same thing twice. His training included a variety of battle ropes, kettle bells, weights, TRX machines, push sleds, and boxing. After 4 months of working out with Tony I dropped 2 sizes, 5% body fat, and 17 pounds. Tony is an incredible trainer and will push you to your limit while helping you reach your goals. He has definitely motivated me to continue working out on my own and change my lifestyle. Thanks Tony!!"

    Susie Quinteros
  • Tami DTony, Let me start by saying how much I am going to miss working out with you twice weekly. My main reason for starting personal training this year was due to the injury I suffered last year and how I felt that physical therapy was going to slow. I noticed a difference in my shoulder almost immediately. I have been extremely happy with the lost inches and the total body workout. I didn’t just lose inches in my waist or hips but everywhere. I was asked by a fellow trainee to participate in the Camp Pendleton Mud Run and never in a million years thought that was something I could do until I started training with you. You built up my confidence that yes I could run a 10k I might not be able to run the entire 10k but I would be able to finish it and I did. You seem to know how far to push someone without over doing it. You never asked me to try something you didn’t think I could handle and you pushed me to my limits but in a good way. If you ever decide to come back and open a gym here I would be the 1st person to sign up for training or even boot camp for that matter.

    Tami D
  • I was always very active. I was up for anything: kickball, tetherball, baseball, tennis, swimming, basketball, biking, and yoga. At the age of 27, I began gaining weight very quickly and couldn't seem to lose it. After 10 years, I managed to lose 30 pounds, and then I had my first child. It wasn't pregnancy that caused me to gain again. She's adopted. It was all the life changes that come with being a mom. Eventually, I gained back all 30 pounds. After our second child, I continued to gain steadily and to weigh more than ever. Four years ago, I suffered a hernia and had it repaired. Three years after the surgery, a friend asked if I wanted to try a functional fitness class with her. I was worried about making it so early in the morning, but I managed to get there. Tony was just starting his new classes at the time, and compared to what we do now, the workout seemed fairly basic. I struggled a lot in that first class. My legs felt so heavy and rubbery. My abs still suffered from tenderness and sensitivity from the surgery, and I had a hard time just getting up off the floor. I had to stop and rest a lot during classes. Tony would have other people do 100 counts on the jump rope, and I would only do 40. They would still finish way before me. Other people ran circles around me. I couldn't even jump on one 6 inch box. My abs were so weak Tony had to modify every ab exercise for me, along with many other exercises we did. I couldn't do even half a situp. I could barely lift my shoulders off the floor. I had a doctor's appointment at that time. My blood pressure had been running high, even though I'm on 3 medications for it. I found out my blood sugar was high and so was my cholesterol. I was at risk for a heart attack. Now, exactly one year after I started training with Tony, I've lost 30 pounds. The workouts get harder and harder, and I can keep up with them. I don't have to modify exercises any more. My strength, flexibility, and balance have improved immensely. I can jump on 5 boxes. The soreness in my abs improved noticeably in just a few weeks, and about a month ago, thanks to Tony's encouragement, I ran the Tough Mudder, an 11. 5 mile course with 24 obstacles, 17 of which I was able to complete. My blood pressure is better than it's been in years. My cholesterol is normal. My blood sugar gets lower all the time without any medication. I realized last year I had a lot of fear about being reinjured and having to go through surgery again, but Tony's expertise has helped me build up so much strength with no injuries. He is an encouraging trainer who pushes everyone to go their furthest, not give up, and continue to grow stronger. Working with Tony has changed my life, and it can change yours too.

    Janelle W
  • Tony has been an Excellent Trainer; he has been very through and motivated, we have noticed the results, keep up the good work.

    Maria A and Jaime G
  • I am a 34 year old mother of 3.  I started training with Anthony because I wanted to really tone and  be challenged with each and every workout. He was recommended because of his knowledge and prior results. I needed a trainer with the ability to push me and keep my workouts changing. My first four months with Anthony, I was having 2 workouts a week. Each month I experienced great loss in inches all over my body. Consistently losing 5-6 inches each month. I began at 28% body fat. To date I have lost over 25 inches, 4 dress sizes and approximatley 5% body fat.

    Limitless Fitness Member